About Us

Diamond Wisdom Pte Ltd was established as a company in April 2011. The five teachers are students of Geshe Michael Roach who have attended Diamond Cutter Institute (DCI) retreats and other teachings, have applied The Diamond Cutter principles to their lives, and have seen dramatic and exciting changes in themselves and their world.

The mission of Diamond Wisdom is to organise and run talks and retreats by Geshe Michael in Singapore. We are especially committed to being the South East Asian organiser and hub for the 12 DCI retreats Geshe Michael will teach around the world over the next few years.

Jaki Fisher

Jaki was born in Australia, and has lived in Singapore since 1993.

In 2010, She completed the six year programme in advanced Buddhist studies at Diamond Mountain University in the USA, taught by Geshe Michael Roach and other great teachers.

She now shares what she was taught in yoga and meditation classes, and she also leads classes in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practical sessions about how to apply this wisdom to our work and personal lives. Her special love is dance as a spiritual practice.

She also runs international girl aerogrammes (www.intgirl.com), an online stationary shop promoting the love of letter writing.

Yap Tee Peng

Tee Peng was born in Singapore.

After graduating with an Engineering Degree from The Nanyang Technological University, he worked in the manufacturing industry.

Subsequently he continued his post graduate studies and graduated with an MBA from the Nanyang Business School.

He now runs a trading business and is also involved in Corporate Training. He is a student of Geshe Michael Roach, has been consistently applying his teachings since 2005, and has found that they have benefited him and many others in ways he could never have expected.

Candy Lai

Candy Lai is an active in the beauty product industry.

She is in the creation and distribution business of the beauty product industry.

Constantly looking for the ultimate standard in this industry, she finds the answer from Geshe Michael Roach teachings in 2009.

Currently she blends in The Diamond Cutter teachings into her daily business dealings, and teach them to her staffs, suppliers and also customers.

Jenny Wang

Jenny Wang Chuan Hua was born in China and has lived in Singapore for many years.

She runs her own interior design consultancy firm, Innovation Workshop Pte Ltd. In the past, as a businesswoman Jenny had to continually struggle to balance her family, business and health and wondered if there was a way to solve this challenge.

After reading The Diamond Cutter, she was impressed by the way Geshe Michael managed to improve and maintain his health, run a business successfully, and also consciously share whatever he earned.

Since attending the Diamond Cutter Institute retreat in Guangzhou in 2010, Jenny has become a driving force behind Diamond Wisdom Pte Ltd and has fully embraced what she has learnt, leading to significant changes in her health, business success and overall happiness.

Jenny sincerely wants to help the people around her to be successful and happy with their lives.

Roy Phay

Roy quit his stable civil service job and dived into the world of business and the school of hard knocks in 2005.

It was a tough decision for him and his wife as it was the same year they got married, bought a new house, and had high expenses but little income.

Despite all odds, they still managed to grow their website design and marketing business, Micrron Pte Ltd.

In Dec 2009, he went to Geshe Michael’s Level One retreat, together with his wife, Michslle. After the 3 days retreat, they started applying the principles and seeing amazing results in both their personal and business world.

Since then, both have contributed their skills, expertise, and experience to help start Diamond Wisdom Pte Ltd, and organized several Geshe Michael’s business seminars in Singapore.

Roy is happily married with his wife, Michslle and had 2 kids, Darien and Davina.

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